The Network Architecture Lab

Directed by Kazys Varnelis, the Network Architecture Lab is an experimental think-tank investigating the impact of digital technology, telecommunications and changing sociocultural condition on architecture, the city, and society. What opportunities do programming, telematics, and new media offer architecture? How does the network city affect the building? Who is the subject and what is the object in a world of networked things and spaces? How do transformations in communications reflect and affect the broader socioeconomic milieu? The NetLab seeks to both document this emergent condition and to produce new sites of practice and innovative working methods for architecture in the twenty-first century pursuing critical through architecture, text, new media design, film production and environment design.
Uneven Growth
Building Megalopolis
New City Reader
Long Division
Terminal Condition
Pedro Gadanho at Studio-X
Smart City Barcelona
Fast Flux
Don't Copy that Floppy
Fast Flux Opening, Studio-X Soho
Peepers, Flashers, and Other Law Breakers
Situated Technologies: Beneath and Beyond Big Data
Extreme Cities Laboratory Launch
Modulated Cities
The Philip Johnson Tapes
The Infrastructural City
Networked Publics
Revolution of the Present